ABC News Investigates Eco Nuts

    July 9th, 2012 12:09 AM | 9 Comments

    Eco Nuts was recently featured on ABC News with a cost comparison.

    Are you tired of spending a fortune on laundry detergent? A new, all-natural product is promising to cut costs and add convenience. A few local families put the latest laundry product to the test.


    Are soap nuts a scam? After Consumer Alerts conducted their own investigation, Eco Nuts was featured in their report.

    ABC News Investigates Eco Nuts



      I have been using these for over a month, they are a great!! find. Clothes are brighter, cleaner. Took out all the residue from the old detergent. Mustr be cleaning my washer also.You must not overload machine, can use warm or cold water, doesn’t mater if it accidentaly ends up in the dryer. No need for the oversized heavy plastic bottle, And they work, 8 loads per 5 nuts. I made a window cleaner that works awesome also. Thank you

    • Lynn

      well, thanks to shark tank, i know about EcoNuts. Will definitely try!

    • emy

      I have been using these great nuts for over a month and I like the results very much. Cloths are fresh and fluffy, no allergies around and the family is happy. Glad to support nature as it is biodegradable.

    • Frida

      Eco Nuts are awesome. I actually use the liquid version because I’m not composting (sorry). I agree with the lady in the video; Tide has a strong smell, and eco nut leave the clothes odor free. Eco Nuts are environmentally sustainable as it doesn’t release toxins into our air.

    • Buchanan Marilyn

      Can I use eco nuts to bathe my dog? He has severe environmental allergies. thanks.

      • EcoNuts

        I would consult your veterinarian.

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    • An Daniels

      Can any of your products be used in the garden as a spray to discourage plant pests?

      • EcoNuts

        Yes, it’s actually believed that the plant makes the soap as a deterrent to insects.