Eco Nuts + Milk & Baby giveaway!

    May 11th, 2014 10:58 AM | 63 Comments

    We’re so excited to be hosting this giveaway with Milk & Baby who are giving away a Halter Strap Kangaroo Tube to a lucky winner.

    kangaroo baby2

    A must for the birth of your baby!

    The skin-to-skin contact (kangaroo care) immediately after birth helps stabilize the temperature of newborn and promotes the initiation of breastfeeding. Wear it when you lay by 45 degrees in bed or sitting in a chair.

    The Kangaroo tube with halter strap is made from a soft, lightweight and stretchy cotton / spandex jersey for additional comfort for mom and baby – and is flexible enough that baby can move and seek for the breast. Semi-side seams with elastic shirring prevents baby from slipping sideways and follow the shape of the baby without unnecessary pressure. The double band at the bottom and inner support to the buttocks / lower back prevents baby from slipping down. Just slide the halter straps over the head to breastfeed easily.

    Eco Nuts 60 load liquidWe’re also giving away a 60 load Eco Nuts Liquid Detergent.

    Made from soapberry extract with only three ingredients, the combination has  proved to be a highly effective cleaner, requiring only a teaspoon for a regular load of laundry. Eco Nuts Liquid Detergent contains no dyes, fragrances, fillers, enzymes or optical brighteners and is 100% SLS (sodium laurel sulfate)and phosphate-free. We recommend this in particular if you have hard water, an HE (frontloading)  machine, or like to wash primarily on cold, but will work well in all machines and temperatures. This is a great gentle detergent for all laundry including baby clothes and cloth diapers.

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    • Holly E

      I would love to win because I have never tried Eco Nuts and I am looking for a less toxic way to wash my clothes. Thank for the chance.

    • Alex Nance

      I would love to try Eco Nuts! I am also a huge fan of Milk and Baby!!

    • Veronica Bohan

      To hold my baby closer

    • Laura

      I would love to win because I just had my first baby on April 15th, and I love holding her skin to skin! Thanks for the chance to win! Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

    • yb

      Both prizes are nice, and I want to try eco nuts.

    • Asha Evins

      I’m a big advocate of skin to skin. I’d love to win.

    • Nichole Sylka Lorkowski

      I’ve heard wonderful things from another mom about the detergent so I’m very interested to try

    • katheirne d

      I would love this because, when my baby is born, I hope to do lots of skin to skin

    • Dawn

      Expecting my 3rd and last baby in July and would LOVE to give these products a try!!

    • Jutta Pearce

      I’ve been wanting to try EcoNuts and I would love to give the halter to a friend that is due in Dec.

    • Hanna J

      Would love to win this for baby#4 due in june
      Thanks for the chance

    • Synthia Graves

      I would love this for me And my 12 day old daughter

    • Amanda Stevenson Felton

      We are expecting in less than 6 weeks and I love the concept of baby wearing. This would be fabulous to win!

    • Stephanie Marcus

      I would really love this. I am due June 28 and this would be perfect for my little one.

    • Allie Alderman

      I love would really love to try EcoNuts and I have a very good friend due in two months that could really use a carrier and would like to babywear. She would love this!!

    • Patricia DeHoag

      I love doing skin to skin and what better way then this adorable halter!

    • sarah j

      I would love a chance to try them both! thank you!

    • Eileen Berry

      These look like product I would love to try!

    • Stacey

      I’d love another baby wearing option, it’s hard with a 2 month old and a 2 year old

    • Jessica

      I would love to win because EcoNuts is perfect for our cloth diapers and I love that the halter top promotes skin to skin contact with newborns. We are getting ready for #2 and if I win this would definitely be coming to the hospital with us!

    • Denise

      This looks new and completely useful for the new baby!

    • Ericka Smith

      I love Eco Nuts and have been eying this top since it first came out! It would be perfect for when we have Baby #2!

    • Cheryl

      Due in October with #2 and this would be an amazing help!

    • Sarah Lozano

      I would love to try Eco Nuts, and I also love wearing my baby.

    • Chanel

      I love being skin to skin with my newborn–it would be amazing to do so with the halter strap kangaroo tube!

    • Susan Spencer

      I would live to win. As a mom of 3 little ones I could definitely use this. 🙂

    • Misty

      We’re having our fifth child in July and this would make skin to skin and breastfeeding SO much easier!!

    • Lyns086

      This would make being skin to skin with baby so much easier and so comfy. Happy baby=happy momma

    • Michelle Koplin Layman

      There are so many thing I plan on doing differently with baby #2. Now I know the many benefits of skin to skin and baby wearing. I didn’t have a carrier when I had my son so this will definitely be helpful.

    • Jen H

      I just had a little girl and she needs to be held 24/7… i love my velcro baby! this would be wonderful for her!

    • Cassaundra Thompson

      I would love this. It would make baby wearing at home so much easier. When my 3 month old wants skin to skin she’s not a fan of waiting for the wrap to get situated.

    • Angela Rhodes Ingles

      I had a difficult birth with our son just last week. The kangaroo care tube would be a lifesaver to help me bond with our baby while I’m recovering – and help make breastfeeding easier on both of us!

    • Sarah

      I would love one of these! I can’t wait to hold my son in a few months (skin to skin, of course!)

    • Danielle Liberatore

      Would love to be skin to skin with my baby!

    • Rylie Origon

      I would love to win because I am due with baby number two next month! I have a two-year-old also, so I plan on doing a lot of baby wearing 🙂

    • Casey

      I’d love to win this because I use natural detergent for my kids’ sensitive skin, and I have a newborn who I’d love to hold in this shirt!

    • Andra

      I want my baby close to me!

    • Jen

      I love Econuts and with baby #3 on the way, the kangaroo tube would be used all of the time! Thanks!

    • meghan

      This sounds like a great giveaway

    • KJ

      What an awesome giveaway!

    • Christine

      I’d love to win for my newborn. And I’ve been wanting to try Econuts but haven’t had the guys to actually get some 😛

    • Candace Bingham

      It would be great to win these nice products! Thanks

    • Tracey Hall

      Because I am a new Grandma who would like to treat her daughter to a wonderful carrier – the new baby is now 2 weeks old and so precious!!

    • Beverly

      Would love to try one some day!

    • Angela Britz-Robertson

      Love babywearing and I hear the eco-nuts is great for cloth diapers!

    • Kaitlyn Veach

      I’d love to try the liquid because we already use the soap berries and love them!

    • Becky Marie

      I would love to win because we have been working on using more natural products in our house, and laundry detergent is one area I still need to switch over!

    • Chelsey Adams

      I have a little one coming in August and we are cloth diapering. I would love an eco friendly laundry detergent that is safe to wash my cloth diapers in!

    • Brianna Sherman

      I would love to win because we are expecting our first and I’m trying to stock up! 🙂

    • chelsea preston

      Looking for a good soap to use when little one gets here.

    • Sheridan

      I would love to win because I am looking for a new soap to try when I run out of my current one.

    • Hannah Avery

      I’ve never tried this kind of detergent, and would love too! Also, the shirt would be awesome to have for a new baby!

      -Hannah Avery

    • Amy Hall

      Have a newborn to try them with

    • CoreyandTiffany Holtzinger

      I’d love to win because a little birdie told me it may come in handy soon 😉

    • Chrissy M

      We use only natural or homemade cleaning products and am always looking to try new ones! I also want to make sure I have a kangaroo top for our next baby.

    • Claira Pam Vo

      Would be great to use a nice gentle detergent, and I also love the idea of kangaroo care!!

    • Beki Lozano

      I would love to win i never tried eco nuts but have heard great thing about them

    • Ashley

      THe top for a friend who is currently pregnant and the soap for us to try!

    • Anne Perry

      I would love to try the liquid version of eco nuts. I have the original eco nuts and love it.

    • Kate Record

      I would love to try this soap and use the top for my little itty bitty one!!!

    • AURORA P


    • Shanna M

      I’d like to win, because I haven’t tried the soap yet. And what a great way to try something 😉

    • Katie Gray

      I’d love to win a bambooie in your next contest