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Eco Nuts® Natural Laundry Detergent and Wool Dryer Balls. Doing your laundry doesn’t have to be a chore. With the right natural laundry detergent, it can be something you look forward to. Save money and the environment by washing your clothes with Eco Nuts® certified organic soap nuts and liquid detergent.Unlike most products that have harmful chemicals like synthetic dyes and filler ingredients, Eco Nuts laundry detergent is certified USDA organic by Oregon Tilth. It provides an environment-friendly way to do your laundry and does not leave residue, break down fabric fibers, fade colors, or aggravate skin allergies.What makes Eco Nuts stand out from other products are our certified organic soap nuts, which are wild-harvested, de-seeded, and sterilized for your protection. We are the only company that uses both certified organic and sterilized soap nuts, so you can be sure to enjoy only natural, hygienic, and quality laundry products in your home. Whether you are prone to allergies, sensitive to harsh ingredients found in commercial detergents or you have a newborn at home and want to err on the side of caution by using a hypoallergenic laundry detergent, our certified organic soap nuts and liquid detergents are ideal products for you.Eco Nuts certified organic laundry detergent products are of the highest quality and level of effectiveness. Both the soap nuts and liquid detergent effectively keep clothes clean while being gentle enough to use on your delicate fabrics, towels, infant clothes, and even cloth diapers.

The same gentle properties of Eco Nuts laundry products also make them safe for the environment. The fact that they are certified USDA organic by Oregon Tilth means that they can be filtered back into the ecosystem and they contain ingredients that have been grown and handled according to strict organic standards.


Eco Nuts® Soap Nuts
As the only sterilized certified organic soap nuts on the market today, our unique product has won many awards from prestigious companies and organizations in the natural products industry. Eco Nuts soap nuts are gentle and safe to use on delicate fabrics and clothes, including cloth diapers. Each package includes at least one reusable wash bag, instructions for use, and 10, 100, or 360 loads of Eco Nuts soap nuts.

Eco Nuts® Liquid Detergent
Made from soap berry extract and only three other ingredients, Eco Nuts liquid detergent offers a convenient and effective way to wash your laundry. It doesn’t contain any chemical-based dyes, artificial fragrances, enzymes, or optical brighteners. Our *hypoallergenic laundry detergent is also 100% free of sodium laurel sulfates (SLS) and phosphates. Ideal for use on HE machines and for cold water washing, you can have cleaner and softer clothes with just one teaspoon for a regular load.

If you want to try our natural laundry detergent, or want to recommend our products to a friend, we also have gift sets that include Eco Nuts soap nuts, liquid detergent, and other certified organic cleaning products.