Our Shark Tank Appearance

November 17th, 2012 1:08 PM | 12 Comments

Our Oct. 19th appearance on Episode 406 of Shark Tank was a long time in coming.
Here is a behind the scenes look at our episode.

We were finally told that we were accepted, and might be filming during the summer. We were finally given a date and we were very excited. But even after the filming, you don’t know if your episode will even air.
About three days prior to shooting I got food poisoning, and unfortunately, I wasn’t better at all by the tape date. To give you an idea of how sick I was, I had lost about 6 lbs. by the day of the taping. (Bonus: Not having to worry about the camera adding ten pounds!).

By the time we were supposed to appear before the Sharks, I really just wanted to get the shoot over with as I wasn’t doing a good job of keeping down liquids or solid foods at all. I had already thrown up several times that morning and before we actually went into the sound stage to pitch to the Sharks, I was escorted for one last trip to the bathroom by some poor PA who had to wait outside, threw up my lunch, and pretending like nothing happened, strutted onward and into the set.
I decided that if I could accomplish three things, the appearance would go well:

Prepping before we went on

1) Not show I was sick (I was terrified that if I threw up on camera our pitch wouldn’t air – network standards can be that way)
2) Look really good
3) Remember every perfect answer I had planned out to every possible question they could ask me
I was extremely focused on not showing that I was sick, and I’m an actress – I did my job.
I looked great (yay, good hair day!)

Unfortunately every single perfectly canned answer I had to every possible question they could ask me went straight out the window.
Oh, well. Two out of three aint bad!
People may say it looked like we weren’t prepared – but we were OVER prepared as far as I was concerned. Everything totally changes when you are standing up there in front of the Sharks. I probably should have trained under more stressful conditions like they do with astronauts.  We got a lot of mail with various questions about our appearance – below are some of the most frequently asked ones.

Q: What’s this about being a Social Media Ninja?
A: My explanation was skipped for the show but I had garnered over $50,000 in sales using almost only social media when we were starting up with almost no budget. I’m proud of that and I think that constitutes “ninja” status. I don’t consider myself a guru or know-it-all – just someone who has done well with very little. I also used to stay up late at night working ‘under cover of darkness’ and I tend to wear a lot of black so it was a little nickname I gave to myself. I was being cute.  Because of how I mentioned Facebook, I knew we would have a ton of traffic to our facebook page to check it out (Which we did! More than most brands have when they air) and thousands of likes during our airing.

Q: Am I mad at Scott?
A: No, not at all! Right before he threw out that $1 million number, we were discussing our business valuation and the number $1 million was coming up a few times, so I think he just said “$1 million” because the number was stuck in his head — and that was a mistake and it was immediately corrected but not on the air! It was a slip of the tongue mistake, and that’s all it was. He wasn’t trying to pull one over on the Sharks or be disingenuous. That’s just not in our DNA. Likewise, Scott is not mad at me for anything I said, either.

Q: It looks so easy to just go there and talk about your company. Was it harder than it looks?
A: Being on your feet before the Sharks is hard and stressful. It’s easy in your living room talking to friends, and it’s much harder when you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes and a suit and getting grilled nonstop for 40 minutes to an hour under hot lights and Mr. Wonderful is giving you the evil eye. You are under a ton more pressure than it looks like on TV. Details about your business and products that come to your brain easily while sitting at a table or even at our booth at an exhibition are so much harder when standing under bright lights with a million eyes watching.

Q: Engaged for five years? Are you guys still together and if so, when’s the wedding?                           A: Many people were wondering if we are going to stay together after this or if we are still getting married – the answer is of course! We love each other and no reality TV show stint is changing that. I couldn’t have a better partner – in business or in life.


Our long engagement started because of bad timing with a family issue. Now we work so much, the idea of taking time off to plan a wedding or a honeymoon feels overwhelming. We’re super busy!

We didn’t get married on Shark Tank because we were completely taken by surprise and really want our families there with us for our special moment, though Mr. Wonderful O’Leary was extremely sweet to offer to officiate, and we may take him up on that offer in the future.
It may take less than an hour to get married, but when you have family all over who you want to share that with, it gets a little more complicated. We only want to get married once. We very much want to get married and our families are rallying for us to do so. You’ll probably be seeing an Eco Nuts Wedding in the near future.

Q: Why didn’t you guys listen to Mark Cuban?
A: We did! He gave us some good advice. We have tweaked our packaging design. What looked like us talking over him and arguing was editing for extra drama.

Q: You said WHAT to Robert?
A: We weren’t going to take his deal -– we had already turned it down. I didn’t botch the deal. I was making a joke.  I am pretty sure all the Sharks got the joke at the time even if what aired made it look like a jab and not a joke.
Frankly, I would never actually ask an investor to work at our company like that. To be honest, I didn’t even think about the comment after the day we filmed. When we filmed it, it didn’t seem rude or out of place and I totally forgot about it.

Q: But why did you turn down Robert’s offer?
A: I know it is our job to make an investor’s money work–it just wasn’t a good deal for us to give up half our company. In retrospect, I wish we had bargained with him a little more, though I have to admit it’s also hard to bargain with a potential investor after being under severe duress for nearly an hour. Taping was very stressful. We had also been in talks with other investors who had better offers and more to bring to the table. Regardless, not getting a deal was the best thing that could have happened for our company and we don’t regret it.

Q: What else did we miss?
A: What you don’t see on the show is that there is a very talented and dedicated group of people behind them. Everyone from the PA s to the producers, hair and makeup art department – they were all fabulous. I’ve been on a lot of sets and this one ran wonderfully! It was a pleasure to work with everyone.

Q: You’ve gone cage diving in the water with real sharks before – do you prefer live sharks or investor sharks?
A: It’s like comparing Apples to Oranges, but I will say that it’s much more relaxing to be under the water with a live shark. Scott will probably completely disagree with me on that, though :)

Mona and Scott on Shark Tank


  • Peggy N.

    I, for one, am so happy you made your appearance on Sharks. I have had skin problems for years with commercial laundry soap, and I have tried at least half the brands on the market trying to control it. So, Eco Nuts have been a savior to me, and if you hadn’t filmed the Sharks show, who knows how long it would have taken me to find your product! I can imagine how stressful going on the show must have been for you, and all I can say is “Thank you”. You’ve helped improve my life!

  • Shu

    Thanks for the post. It’s very interesting what happens behind the scenes. But what was before the actual filming? When did you apply for Shark Tank and what was the process to be accepted? Was it tough or easy to get to the Sharks?

    • EcoNuts

      Unfortunately we can’t share what the process was leading up to the film date, but there was a lot of work involved!

  • I discovered your product in a little health food store in Colo. Springs, CO; it’s great!! I’m excited to see that there’s been a repackaging of the product as it’s a fresher look. I work in the Natural Products industry & I look forward to seeing your product expand to larger retail chains. Hope you get WFM national approval & it would be great to see your line in Nat’l Grocers by Vitamin Cottage. Best of luck & thanks for a truly green product that works.

    • EcoNuts

      thanks! 🙂

  • Scientist2

    Your shark tank experience was interesting. I like Mona, the ‘social media ninja’.

  • JD Styles

    Shark Tank was actually how I discovered your product and soap berries for the first time. I have like a bah-zillion sensitivities to everything, especially synthetic perfumes. You’ll be happy to know that I just purchased a trial box of Eco Nuts to give it a test run! If it works out well, I’ll give it a shout-out on my personal fb page & my blog.

    Thanks for writing this extra info on the show too, I actually couldn’t believe my ears when you asked Robert if he was going to work 16hrs to give YOU money, but now I get why so said that- and with a smile too. But hay, that’s show business, right? Context doesn’t count for much of anything. lol =)

  • Peggy S

    I just watched you on shark Tank and I had a thought (maybe you have already thought of this). There is a wildflower called soapwort (aka Bouncing Bet) and it has the same soapy effect when crushed. Maybe you can use this also for some of your products.

  • Samantha

    I saw your brand in a local cloth diapering store. I’m now eagerly waiting to try it! I had no idea you were even on Shark Tank. 😉

  • Jayehaley@yahoo.com
  • jodaddy

    you are some rude people

  • Kirsten.

    You guys don’t need those rotten sharks. Just airing on tv made so many people aware. We are a green friendly household and I had never heard of soap nuts before your bit on shark tank. I called my family and told everyone about you.
    I am a business owner as well and word of mouth travels like wild fire. I wish you all the best of luck and I look forward to being a long time customer of yours.