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Looking for an article or how-to on soap nuts?  You’ve come to the right place! The ultimate soap nuts information resource. Here are some of our best articles and how-to information about soap nuts and Eco Nuts.

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Specifically Soap Nuts:

Soap nuts are berries that grow on a tree that naturally contain soap. They can be used for laundry and a whole lot more! Not only do we cover how to use them and what they are but we also cover how to unlock their hidden potential as a super green cleaner for just about anything. Check out the articles below for ideas, recipes, uses, and simple tips and tricks.  Each photo will take you to an informative article that covers a different aspect of these fascinating little soap nuts. Having trouble using soap nuts? The next article below can help you figure out the solution to the most common problems. There is also an article to cover how to wash cloth diapers, and the next one shows you how to make soap nuts liquid. If you enjoy the great outdoors, check out the next article about how you can take soap nuts camping and clean just about anything!  Also above is a comparison chart and how to tell when your soap nuts are used up.  What is that white fuzzy stuff you can find on soap nuts? Is it mold?   ABC News took a look at Eco Nuts to see how they measured up. Click on the picture below to watch the news video!

how to use Soap Nuts      what is a soap nut        Household Uses for Soap Nuts

soap nuts help troubleshooting     how to make soap nuts liquid     soap nuts and cloth diapers

soap nuts for camping      detergent comparison chart     How To Tell When Soap Nuts Are Used Up

are your soap nuts moldy     ABC News Investigates Soap Nuts

Laundry Science:

Did you know that laundry is a science? All kinds of chemical reactions happen in your washing machine and these articles explain in plain English what is happening and why. Understanding these simple chemical reactions will help you understand why clothes get clean, what temperatures are best to wash at, and how soap works. Here are some more articles detailing how to remove stains the natural way with items you probably already have in your kitchen, how to disinfect laundry and how to remove underarm stains. An article about where your missing socks go, an informative article about how enzymes work, and an article on various ways you can get rid of static cling. Newest Article:  Why bubbles have nothing to do with cleaning ability:

 laundry science - the science of washing     hot water vs cold    how soap works

Natural Stain Removal     how to disinfect laundry     how to remove underarm stains

how to find your missing socks     how enzymes work     get rid of static

why bubbles dont mean clean