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I love your product. I teach exercise for a living, sometimes I change 3-4 times in one day depending on what I am teaching. I have a large wardrobe of workout wear, spandex, cotton, lycra. I use eco nuts exclusively when I was my teaching outfits., which I hang to dry to avoid shrinkage. My clothes feel so wonderful when I put them on, clean and soft. – EH


“HO-ly cow. I’ve been using EcoNuts for a couple weeks, and have noticed that my laundry is much softer. What really made me sit up and take notice, though, was when I washed my car seat covers. When I bought my car, roughly 5 years ago, I made fleece seat covers; I have dogs who love riding in the car, and I knew my nice light tan upholstery wouldn’t stay that color for long with the dog tornado always in and out of the car.

Needless to say, those covers get pretty disgusting. I know I don’t wash them anywhere near often enough, but I also know that there’s no way they’ll ever be all that clean. That is, I knew that, until I washed them with EcoNuts. Wow. These covers (at least until the dogs get back in the car) are wrap-a-burrito-and-eat-it clean. And soft. And fluffy.

For my next trick, I’ll stop using the second rinse cycle. Thanks, folks. I can’t remember ever being this tickled about laundry soap. EcoNuts are terrific!”

- MB


“My trial size order of the Eco Nuts dried berries and liquid came this morning. Even though I have some commercial detergent left, I wanted to try the order out right away. Using the liquid, I tossed a load of darks into the wash to see how well they would clean. I have hard water, so was prepared that it might not clean as well.
I was shocked to see how black the water got. Normally with detergent, the water is a milky grey, but this was a clear black. I thought maybe some of the colors in the fabrics were bleeding, so next I did a load of colors… and saw the same thing. Then onto a load of whites with the nuts in a bag.. same clear black water. All the colors seem brighter. Typically because of the hard water,I am used to the clothes looking dingy, but somehow the eco nuts brightened everything. I used nothing else but the eco nuts and water.
I love that my clothes smell like nothing. Any odors that were in the dirty clothes are gone and there’s no perfume smell either. We’ve always avoided detergents with perfumes and dyes as we have various allergies and sensitivities in the family. No bleach, no fabric softener. Everything is bright, clean, almost new looking and so soft!
I’m off to wash the bed sheets now. I can’t wait until tonight when I can climb into bed with soft, clean sheets. And the towels, yes, I need to wash the towels too. I am in heaven ;)
Thank you so much for such a fantastic product. I’m recommending you guys to everyone I know and the parents in my support group who have children with hidden disabilities (many also suffer from allergies). I am looking forward to payday so that I can place another order for full sized products!” — –CM


“I’ve done four loads already, with two of them being of the challenging type.  There is a fresh, clean small to ALL of my clothes, including those that were heavily soiled with machine grease and grime.  (I have been working with a metal lathe recently, and figured those clothes would make for an excellent test.


I just did the fourth load, which included a white dress shirt that I wore all day long yesterday.  It went through quite an ordeal, I can assure you.  I am a musician.  I had TWO gigs that day, and then crumpled the shirt up and put it in my case with all kinds of gear.  I’ve attached the photo taken after wash and dry.

This is a remarkable product!  I am convinced!”  - Gary

“I love the Econuts! So, so easy! I put 5 nuts in a bag and washed 9 loads of laundry with that one bag, all cold loads and left the bag in the washer the whole time. Clothes came awesome! Washed all bedding and couch covers too! My towels came out way more fluffy and softer than before with the Arm & Hammer free & clear, just like the picture showed of the towels! I’m hooked on Eco nuts forever! Oh and those 5 eco nuts are still good for more loads! I just left them in the wash machine for next time! –LY

“Just used the Econuts for the 1st time. I was super skeptical and decided to first try them on a load of cloth diapers. I only used 2 nuts and the diapers were SPOTLESS!! I practically had fibers up my nose trying to smell anything!” –MJ

I just have to say, I love this stuff. My son has eczema (as do my hubby and I) and ever since we made the switch to Eco Nuts, no more eczema. LOVE it!! –JG

“I really like the product. My husband washed a fleece blanket, that my dog keeps wanting to lie on, It smells really bad, with the econuts and nothing else, and it came out of the dryer soft, not static-y (i don’t know if that is a word) and no stinky dog smell.” –D. Vermont

“Am so happy to be liberated from heavy boxes of detergent when I do my laundry. I have to go down an elevator and across a long lobby of my apartment house to get to the communal laundry room. The econuts, not only wash my laundry clean and bright, but they have proven economical. They are also ecologically safe and in today’s world, that is very important. A happy consumer.”
- R. New York

“I’ve been using EcoNuts for my laundry for about a month now–and that includes the really stinky loads I did after the heat wave hit. They work great, and are very easy to use and carry. I have terrible eczema, but the EcoNuts really do seem to wash out clean, leaving nothing behind to make me itch. The best part, though, is not having to lug a bottle of detergent between my apartment and the laundry room–and not having to measure and pour for every load.” –F. Oregon


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