Win a Deluxe Cleaning Set for the Holidays

    November 16th, 2012 10:15 AM | 55 Comments

    Win a full cleaning set from Eco Nuts! It’s a great gift (even if it’s to yourself!)

    The deluxe cleaning set consists of:

    Certified Organic Glass Cleaner (to clean all your frosty windows).

    Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap – a USDA certified organic laundry detergent that consists of our famous soap nuts. Great for washing all those Christmas sweaters.

    Eco Nuts Natural Laundry Soap – a liquid version of our soap nuts detergent – so strong you only need a teaspoon to wash a load of laundry. You can also dilute it and use it in carpet cleaners or as an all-purpose soap.

    Eco Nuts Clean-All Powder – Use it like any cleaning powder, it works great for sinks and toilets to make them sparkle, or to remove baked-on anything!

    Certified Organic Multi-Surface Cleaner – Works on most non-porous surfaces as a great all-around cleaner.

    Don’t want to wait to win? The Deluxe Cleaning Set can also be purchased here.

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    • Gizella DiVenere

      The laundry soap is BY FAR my favorite product. I have saved soooo much money doing laundry with eco nuts!

    • Awesome! I haven’t tried any of your products yet but would love econuts

    • anne

      am dying to try the a 4 oz bottle (24/48 HE loads) of liquid detergent to see how compares to my current detergent!

    • Jean Peters

      Laundry soap is great

    • I love eco nuts!

    • Erica mitchell

      i would love to try the Multi-Surface Cleaner on my granite counter tops!

    • Momdzn

      Cool love the nuts!

    • angela m

      Pinterest Link:
      Angela Mitchell

    • Sandra Schultz Hurt
    • I saw your product on shark tank and have been wanting to try it ever since, specifically the laundry detergent!

    • Drea C

      Awesome that these products are safe for my family and I. I love Eco Nuts!

    • Jane Ritz

      I’d like to try the window cleaner.

    • angela m

      I’d like to try the Can’t Decide Duo since I have never tried your product yet.

    • Love to try your products!!! 🙂

    • Stephanie

      Dying to try the laundry soap and glass cleaner!

    • Julia

      I’m dying to try the multi surface cleaner!

    • I’ve been using the Eco Nuts for our laundry for awhile – love them! I had no idea you made other cleaning products too and would love to try them.

    • I want to try the liquid detergent

    • tried the liquid detergent. love it! really want to try the multi-surface spray!

    • Who doesn’t love multi-surface cleaner?!?

    • LOVE this stuff!

    • Melissa B

      Am 3 loads in to our first box and LOVING IT!

    • Erin

      I enjoyed learning about ECO Nuts on Shark Tank! I am a huge fan of Go Green products and think this could help our world as well as our pockets! Thanks guys!!

    • Lindsay

      i’d love to try the laundry soap!

    • I would love to try any and all of your products especially the eco nuts for my cloth diapers

    • I would love to win this set. Thanks for the opportunity!!

    • Loving the idea, inspiration, and initiative behind Eco-Nuts!

    • Rumsita

      I’m hoping you get enough funding on Indiegogo to get the shampoo distributed! I signed up, and one of my FB friends saw the “share” and she signed up too.

    • ann

      cant wait to try eco nuts – good luck with the business

    • Constanza Ehrenhaus

      I really would like to try the Eco Nuts. I have been wanting to for quite a while! 🙂

    • Seen you on Shark tank, what a bunch of morons, very excited to try the product! Buying regardless of winning! (but wouldnt mind a free set to give to family too!)

    • Trish

      I want to try the EcoNuts laundry detergent!

    • We use the soap nuts and swear by them! We are giving some away as gifts this year and hope to get some more reliable customers for you!!

    • Maria

      first time using these today pretty excited to see how the soap nuts work 🙂

    • hollie n.

      i am dying to use soap nuts. i hand wash my babys diapers though. are they good for that or do i need liquid?

      • EcoNuts

        You can use either for hand washing. The liquid might be a little easier.

    • Tammy B

      I’ve been really wanting to try the liquid detergent 🙂

    • Dara

      We saw you on Shark Tank and think you have a great product, we can’t wait to try it. Are you guys married yet? 😉

    • Lily Ivey

      I haven’t tried Eco Nuts, but would love to try the liquid version.

    • freygal

      First saw Eco Nuts on Shark Tank and was intrigued. Received the trial set and tried Eco Nuts on different kinds of laundry. It cleaned everything from cold water wash, to bath mats, to dog beds in my HE machine. I was pleasantly surprised. Have just ordered full size products.

    • regan

      I love the soap nuts and would love to try the liquid and the multi surface cleaner

    • First saw this on Shark Tank and ordered right away. This is my second order. I like the idea that there are no chemicals in this detergent. I recently learned that your skin absorbs everything it is in conact with. So it is a good feeling to know that chemicals from detergent is not being absorbed into my body.

    • Jess Mikel

      I like using the liquid detergent, especially for my cloth diapers!

    • PeggyN

      I’ve been using Eco Nuts since the Tuesday after your appearance and can’t believe the improvement in my itchy skin! Thank you so much for braving the Sharks, you’ve really improved my life and I won’t be using anything else in my laundry, ever!

    • Melissa M.

      Love this giveaway! Can’t wait to try these!

    • Laura M

      Saw you on Shark Tank – super product!

    • What a great giveaway! I’m quite interested in trying these.

    • Liana W.

      I have tried the soap nuts for laundry (cloth diapers) and loved it. I would love to get more and try out the whole line of household cleaners!

    • Angie T.
    • Kathleen

      I love the liquid detergent!

    • Michelle S

      Love Eco Nuts and love the liquid laundry soap

    • Laundry detergent

    • Hana Haatainen Caye
    • Hana Haatainen Caye

      I love the original Eco Nuts, but would love to try the liquid laundry soap.