11 Laundry Rooms You Wish You Had

Laundry rooms don’t have to be dreary and dark. Check out these Laundry rooms which make a great use of space, lighting and color to create the calming welcoming place your laundry room should be! 


Like these pictures? Check out our Laundry Room board on Pinterest for lots more!

 Did somebody say Sparkle?
 The LED track lighting in this laundry room is an eco friendly, money saving, and super attractive way to light the room.  The wooden cabinets and wood floor compliment the stone back wall nicely.
  Large open room, the large machines up off the floor, loads of storage, a computer, pull-out ironing board, and smart drying racks – whats not to love?
 Everyone loves an organized Laundry room!
If your machines have share space in a room not of their own, then a pretty color that matches the walls looks great!
When space is an issue, a pull-out ironing board is a must-have accessory!
 Another great laundry room  in-plain-sight! Love the wood floor and chandelier.
  Neutral tones, chic lighting, granite countertops and a great stone backsplash!
 Sage is a very calming color. Don’t you just love the recessed lighting?
  Light Bright and Airy!
Calming lavender color and open shelving make this one a winner.
Like these pictures? Check out our Laundry Room board on Pinterest for lots more!
Disclaimer: All these photos were taken from Pinterest. They link to the original sources when I could find them. If one of these is not linking to the correct sources, please let me know and I will make sure it links to the right place!


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