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Laundry Science 101: How Soap and Detergent Works

Surfactant: (pronounced Surf-Fact-Ent: Surf as in Surf’s up baby! Fact as in “Just the facts, Ma’am,” and Ent as in t...

Laundry Science 101: Basics of Washing

Let’s start with the basics. Both front loading and top loading machines work on the same principles of cleaning. Proper washing depends on multiple factors. 

Laundry Science 101: Hot Water Vs Cold Water

There are good reasons to use cold water and good reasons to wash on hot so let’s explore why temperature is important in certain situations and clear some myths and misconceptions about washing on cold and hot water.

Laundry Science 101: Why Bubbles Don’t Equal Clean

On a psychological level people like to see something happening, but all you’re seeing is soap molecules trapping air in spherical pockets.  Trapped air in pockets doesn’t clean. The soap molecules in the water are what’s cleaning. Regardless, many commercial and soap manufacturers add chemicals specifically to create bubbles throughout washing, just to satisfy people when they look in their machine.

Laundry Science 101: Static Cling

At some point all of us have experienced a shock or two from static, or your pants legs/skirt hugging your legs. This article discusses how to get rid of static cling! You can even remove static cling using items you already have in your own home!

How To Remove Stains Naturally

It’s best to treat stains immediately. If you can't treat immediately or have a tricky stain, then you can try these other natural stain fighters. 

Enzymes Mythbusted!

There is a commonly held belief that enzymes are bad for sensitive skin. Many Internet sources say enzymes are harmful for baby skin, and of course, that is really worrisome to parents. But - well, it's the Internet.

Common Laundry Disinfectants

Here are some common laundry additives and methods that many people use to disinfect

How to Get Rid of Deodorant and Perspiration Stains

Underarm stains are tough!  Here’s some simple tricks to get rid of them. 

The Missing Sock Phenomenon: Where do they go? (and how to get them back!)

 There are a few places your missing socks can wind up and you CAN get them back!

On Remote Islands, Seabirds Are Poisoned By Plastic

To put into perspective how much plastic there is in this remote area of the Pacific, 20 tons of man-made debris and plastic ends up on Midway every year, 5 tons of that plastic is fed to the chicks.

10 amazing uses for Oxygen Booster

Our Eco Friendly Oxygen Booster has the power to whiten clothing without damaging colors or clothes, our lungs or hurting wildlife; plus it’s packaged plastic free. Also like bleach our Oxygen Booster has a bunch of great uses that go beyond just whitening laundry! Here are 10 uses for our product to help you keep cleaning green!

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