How to Clean Your Air FiIter with Soap Nuts

    There are SO many uses for soap nuts liquid. Did you know you can use soap nuts to clean air filters?  It’s super easy! Next time the light turns red on your filter, use the steps below to get it clean!

    Make sure you unplug your filter before removing the grid.

    What you need:

    the collector cell/grid

    A bin or basin that you can fill with water that the collector grid will fit inside

    Soap nuts liquid (either Eco Nuts liquid or home made) Directions for making home made liquid can be found here

    First, put the collector grid in the plastic bin (I used a sweater box) and fill with clean water.

    Next, measure out your liquid. If you’re using Eco Nuts concentrated liquid detergent, use 1/4 cap ful.  If you are using home made  soap nuts liquid use at least 1 teaspoon.

    Add the liquid to the bin with the collector grid and the water.

    And let it soak. The manufacturer for this particular collector grid recommended a soak of 2-3 hours so I let it sit in the water. About every 30 minutes I turned the collector cell since I didn’t have anything to put it in to completely immerse it in water. After roughly 20 minutes there was already dirt and grime coming off. Every time I turned it over I gently moved it back and forth in the water to circulate the water through the cells and help loosen the dirt.

    After 3 hours, grime wiped off the collector grid with no effort.

    After wiping it down I rinsed it in the sink and set it aside to dry.

    And here’s all the dirt and grime that came out!

    Leave your collection grid out to air dry for several hours and re-install when completely dry.