Sustainable Packaging

To provide a healthier cleaning option for your family and our planet through our nontoxic organic cleaners in sustainable packaging

Safe Ingredients |  Sustainable Packaging | Ethical Sourcing | Certified Organic 

There is a plastic problem on this planet, and we refuse to contribute to it. We are committed to being as plastic-free as possible, so we opt to package in more sustainable, highly-recyclable options such as aluminum and paperboard.

Concentrated formulas: You’ll see our laundry detergents come in much smaller bottles. These concentrated formulas offer the same amount of cleaning but you use less. This saves packaging, water, and shipping costs.

We care about the what happens to our product’s packaging after it’s been used.

 At Eco Nuts, we know that plastic is no good for our planet, and that there is already far too much of it in existence! So, we refuse to contribute to the problem – we’re dedicated to using little to no plastic in our packaging. Thanks to our awesome customers, Eco Nuts has already eliminated over 1 million plastic bottles from ever being used. You can see how much impact your purchase makes in this handy chart below.

We use biodegradable paperboard (FSC Certified Paper and Soy Ink) for our solid products and highly recyclable aluminum for our liquid products. The only plastic we use is for the pump-tops and spray-tops for our aluminum bottles, since there isn’t a better alternative available for those…yet!

We also offer refill containers for all of our liquid products. The refill is in a wine box style, which uses 70% less plastic than a typical plastic jug of the same capacity.
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Eco Nuts and Dryer Balls

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