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These odd looking “nuts” are actually dried berries from a tree that grows in the Himalayas. When agitated in water, they produce a naturally occuring surfactant called saponin, which gently cleanses laundry – an option for those sensitive to conventional laundry detergents.

Simply place 4-5 Eco Nuts in the provided cloth bag and toss in the washer with your clothes – they suds up naturally and act as a natural fabric softener in the rinse cycle. Clothes come out smelling fresh and clean and super soft.  Berries can be re-used up to 10 times making them a super-affordable option.

Use as a 2-in-one detergent and softener, or use with your existing detergent just as a fabric softener.

Multiple Award winning and certified USDA Organic by Oregon Tilth.   As Seen on Shark Tank.

Note: if you are using an HE (front loading) machine, we recommend our Liquid Detergent. Eco Nuts soap nuts will get the job done, but the liquid works better and is specially formulated for HE machines.

At this time of year we do not have many “whole” berries left. This means your box may have quite a few halves in there. These work the same, just take 2 halves to equal a whole when you put them in your wash bag. 

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Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2.75 × 4 in

Soap Nuts are De-Seeded

Grown in Nepal

Our Soap Nuts are Wild Grown Sapindus mukorossi, packaged and sorted in the USA

Certified USDA Organic

Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

Wash Bags

2 Wash Bags are included

5 reviews for Eco Nuts Soap Berries

  1. Kathy Iacovone

    I LOVE LOVE THE BERRIES. I have been using them for about a year now. I have given a lot of them to my friends to try. I WOULD AND DO HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM.

  2. Jeff Terwilliger

    I have been using these soap nuts for over a year. After multiple reports of children and pets accidentally ingesting brand name laundry soap “pods” and it resulting in illness or death I decided I no longer wanted them in my home. I was also on a campaign to eliminate as many manufactured chemicals as possible from my environment. This is how I stumbled onto Eco Nuts. Although skeptical I decided to give them a try.( at 9.99 why not, I was paying nearly 20.00 for “death pods”) I am an avocational archaeologist and come home very dirty nearly every day. I tried the Soap Nuts and haven’t looked back, they work great and clothes come out just as clean as anything I have ever used and smelling fresh. Another benefit is the waste water from my washing machine is now used on my flower beds instead of flushing it and they seem to like it too.

  3. Megan Hines

    I am a laundry freak. I have tried what seems like every kind of natural laundry soap out there, including making my own, and i am extremely impressed with these soap nuts! I was super skeptical, but I was tired of buying detergent so often and it’s so expensive- we do one load of cloth diapers a day plus a load of clothes, so we go through soap fast. This stuff is the best I’ve ever used. Hubbys smelly workout clothes come clean the first wash. No towel funk. Cloth diapers smell fresh with no extra rinse required. Even our stained cloth baby wipes came clean- unbelievable! I am hooked.

  4. Carrie

    I had heard about Econuts, though had never tried then until I found a 100-load box at a TJMaxx, of all places. I had been wanting to try a more economical approach to laundry detergent, and was pleased to find one that was ecologically friendly as well. After the first load, I was hooked! I work as a welder/fabricator, and my work clothes come out cleaner than they ever did with a standard detergent. I love that the spent berries can be put in my compost bin, and that everything what is reusable or recyclable in some way. Keep up the great work, Econuts! You have a customer for life!

  5. Susan

    Save money while doing less hard to the environment, Win-Win! I have been on a mission to reduce my plastic purchases and stop buying anything with palm (the palm industry is an ecological nightmare). These soap berries fit the bill. They work great and are less hassle than lugging bottles home from the store. I wish I had these when I lived in the city and used the laundramat.
    I have a front loading washer so at first the little bag was getting caught in the door seal -But, I just put the bag in a small, delicate wash bag (the net kind, not the mesh). It keeps it from getting stuck and makes it easier to find. The clothes come out clean, fresh, and softened.

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