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We have been using Eco Nuts exclusively for our family’s laundry for 2 months. My husband who is a fan of smelly, big name brand detergents, has been the most consistent user of Eco Nuts.

He is a military man who comes home with some pretty rank uniforms sometimes (imagine 2 weeks out in the field with 80 degree weather and 80% humidity). Add that into the fact that we have to pay a lot for heating water here in Korea so we do most of our wash in cold water.

Eco Nuts, however, gets his uniforms clean – even in cold washes. He is very pleased with how the soap nuts perform on his dirtiest stuff. His only complaint is that the bag is sometimes hard to find after the wash is through. He doesn’t like digging through wet laundry to find it. Eco Nuts even has an answer for that with their liquid detergent.


I started using Eco Nuts on my diapers, but quickly made the switch to using them on all of our laundry. Our clothes are clean, stain free, soft, fluffy and smell great! I love that my laundry room is cleaner because I don’t have multiple bottles of detergent taking up space. My absolute favorite thing about Eco Nuts is I’m saving water! One downside to using cloth diapers is the amount of water it takes to wash a load of diapers. Pre-rinse. Hot Wash. Rinse. Extra Rinse. Gallons of water gone. My water bill reflects it too. Since Eco Nuts isn’t a typical detergent it’s eliminating the need for the second rinse cycle! There is no left over soap in my diapers even without the second rinse. (You may need the extra rinse cycle depending on your water type). I recently read on another blog that one of the downsides to using soap nuts is you have to search for the bag of nuts before putting the clothes in the dryer. I have dried my soap nuts countless times and it’s fine!

The concentrate is packaged in a lightweight, recyclable aluminum bottle. I love the look of the bottle and label, and if I had a decorative shelf in my laundry room, I’d leave the bottle out!….
 I washed them using my regular wash routine, and when they were finished, they smelled like…nothing. Exactly what you want. If you’re looking for a cloth diaper safe, natural detergent, I highly recommend checking Eco Nuts out!
So, do they work? Actually I was surprised. I was incredibly skeptical of soap nuts in general. How could some naturally grown and harvested fruit clean my cloth diapers, when I was having a hard enough time getting them clean with real detergent? I fully expected to pull my diapers out of the dryer and smell ammonia or barnyard funk on them. What I really smelled was nothing. Truly nothing. I used them on my son and the diapers worked just fine. There was no telltale odor when urine hit the fabric and he had no reaction on his skin. I was still skeptical that the nuts actually did anything so I washed diapers with nothing at all, and well, the results were definitely not the same. Gross, in fact.

EcoNuts have hit my personal trifecta of green  awesomeness  1. They package responsibly and don’t try to trick the consumer. 2. Eco Nuts are found in nature and are a reasonable alternative to using harmful products without having to be manipulated to become a suitable green product. 3. The price is right! Eco Nuts do not over charge their merchandise and because their packaging is so responsible they can’t even use it as an excuse for the high prices. If you haven’t tried them yet you should!!


Overall Effectiveness: 5Bums Up! 5 Bums Up! 5 Bums Up! This is really where EcoNuts shines. Every single thing that I washed in EcoNuts Soap ended up clean. I mean, really really clean. After using it on my diapers once I knew I had to break out the big guns. I went out into the garage and got the gross dog blankets out of the big dogs’ crates. The ones that I normally use Tide & bleach on and have to wash 3 cycles so that they are even remotely clean. If you have dogs, you know what I am talking about. Nothing gets the gross dirty dog smell out. Except EcoNuts! I can not believe that half a capful (the cap is teeny tiny) of this soap left my dogs’ blankets smelling clean. I am officially hooked. This is a miracle in a bottle. I can’t wait to try some of their other products.




…after seeing how clean and fluffy my diapers were, and realizing I could cut my detergent costs in half (even after shipping), making the switch to Eco Nuts was a no-brainer. A few months after making the switch to Eco Nuts for our cloth diapers and loving it, I decided to try Eco Nuts on our “regular” laundry with the hope that we could switch over completely. However, with four kids who play sports and a husband who’s a painter, I wash some pretty dirty clothes! So to make sure I could rely on Eco Nuts for all of our laundry, I started with a load of muddy flag football uniforms, and some of the dear husband’s (stinky, sweaty) work clothes. Since we had yet to find a laundry solution that worked well for both cloth diapers & regular laundry, I remained skeptical, but hopeful. When I removed the clothes from the dryer I carefully inspected & sniffed each piece, and was oh so excited to discover there was no smell, no dirt and everything was amazingly clean. Yahooo! It was a very exciting moment in the Babin/Barrowclough household, I even did a little happy dance! We now use Eco Nuts exclusively for all of our laundry, and it’s so nice to not have to buy two different kinds of detergent, or worry about the dear husband accidentally using the wrong one.



I’ve used soap nuts before and was impressed with results. I find they are the best for washing dark clothes as they don’t fade colors. Liquid detergent is my first choice as far as different detergent types go and while you can make liquid soap yourself, I would prefer it if it would already be made for me. Eco Nuts must have heard my cries and sent me their Eco Nuts Liquid Detergent… Does it actually work? The answer is simple – yes. This tiny liquid detergent has a lot of cleaning power. It does work better for me when I do a hot water cycle as opposed to cold. And it doesn’t fade colors! That’s my favorite part. I also love that it works as a softener and you don’t need to add any additional products to your laundry. I highly recommend to read “how to remove stains naturally” to go along with your Eco Nuts detergent. Before picking up chemicals to remove a stain, try a natural way and it might surprise you!


My experience with them has swept me off my feet. These are the BEST for cloth diapers. I used them for the first time a couple of months ago. I put 5 soap nuts in the bag provided, tossed Chunkles cloth diapers in after sitting in a wet pail(yes, I do a wet pail. Dry doesn’t work for me) and washed on hot. I was astounded on how well they clean! No stains, even after bluberries and no ammonia smell what so ever. I actually put my face right up to the diaper and liners, took a deep breath in and no smell but fresh, clean diapers! I am SOLD.


When I first received the bottle, I was confused. It was a rather small bottle and seemed like it would only last one, maybe two loads of wash. Then I read the directions. It takes only one-half a lid-full for a regular load of laundry! I was a bit surprised, and a tad skeptical. I poured the tiny amount of soapberry extract into my HE (high-efficiency) washing machine, tossed a load of dirty cloth diapers in, and let it go. It worked like a charm! Equally as well, if not better, than the soap nuts themselves! The diapers came out clean and stink-free. I was thoroughly impressed and I am happy to announce that, after several weeks of regular use, that little 4-ounce bottle is not even half way gone!


Sophie & MamaThe biggest test that made me really know that this is a product I will be coming back to and have in my laundry closet is the Cat Pee Factor! When our little kitten-cat used our towels and our clothes instead of the litter box, I determined to put Eco Nuts to the test. Cat pee is pugnant, and nasty, and I hate it. I find it hard to get the stench out! You know what happened? Exactly what Eco Nuts should do–get rid of any odors! It saponified the smell right out and left our clothes clean, fresh, soft, and ever more so free of kitty pee.The second test was diapers.In washing them with Eco Nuts, I am happy to tell you that my cloth diapers have come out really clean, odor free, and very much still absorbent. I found that Eco Nuts Liquid soap did its job quite well too! I was so glad to know that Eco Nuts would keep the integrity of my cloth diapers.My husband’s work clothes also did not stand a chance. He is a landscaper, and I have to admit sometimes they do not come out clean when I do his wash–but with Eco Nuts and just following directions for tougher laundry predicaments–Eco Nuts nuts and Liquid soap has proven itself once again.
Breezy MamaI was told that the nuts are just as effective as regular cleaners, so I tried them out on the toughest job–a washer full of dirty cloth diapers. I put it on “hot,” threw the nuts in, and said a little prayer that I wouldn’t have to be doing another load. That prayer was answered because the diapers were sparkling clean, with no yucky odors. Holy cow, miracles do happen!
Momma's ReviewI love the idea that something as small and natural as dried fruit shells can actually clean our clothes – just as well as the expensive, heavy bottles we see on the market today. Aside from all the eco-friendly advantages, my hands down favorite thing about Eco Nuts is that all I have to do is throw a little bag filled with “nuts” in with my laundry and press START – there is no measuring, no heavy lifting, no messy bottle to fuss with. It’s simply genius.
Leslie Loves VeggiesHubby has psoriasis so I’m super careful about the detergent I use. Sweet Pea has eczema so if I use a laundry detergent with fragrances and dyes my family’s skin will be itching and they’ll be miserable. Eco Nuts is perfect for them. I love that Eco Nuts are fragrance free and get my laundry clean and incredibly soft. Eco Nuts really work and ya know what? They are economical to use! I find that I get more than 1o loads from a bag of Eco Nuts.
Green GrandmaAfter the cycle ran, I was eager to check the results. The first thing that hit me as I pulled a towel from the washer was the amazing scent! Like my husband said, the towels smelled like they’d just come in from the clothesline. Amazingly clean smelling! … Next, I did a load of throw rugs. Same pleasant results. Then it was time for my delicates, which I never put in the dryer. Even after drying on the line in the basement, they still had the same fresh, springlike scent. Amazing. I think I’m in love.
Mirthful MotherhoodWhile transferring clothes to the dryer, I was guilty of doing the ‘sniff test’- you know what I’m talking about. Nearly every article of clothing was inspected! And I smelled… Nothing. Not a thing. They did not smell one bit, either of funk or of the often overpowering aroma of detergent. They just were. And that’s the exciting part for me, especially since my little guy has sensitive-ish skin. They got my clothes clean- simply clean. It was kind of earth-shattering (which is sad) that clothes coming out of the wash smelled like clothes. All from using five little berry shells. Incredible.
Mommy Saves MoneyI tested these little guys out and I have to say I was quite impressed…ESPECIALLY how well they cleaned the dirty cloth diapers…they came out clean and smelled fresh. The way they work, is you get a handful of nuts…about 5 and then you put them into the little sash baggie they send along with your soap, tie it off and throw it in the wash with your dirty laundry. When your load is done, you take the baggie out and you can use it for your next load (whenever that may be). They can be used for 5-7 washes in hot water and up to 10 for cold water…you can tell when they are done when they start to get soft/dissolve. My Eco Nuts made it through 7 loads of laundry and that included cold and hot washes AND extra rinses for the cloth diapers. I don’t know why..and this is totally silly but I found these Eco Nuts so fun to use! I am definitely a Eco Nuts convert! “You’d be nuts to use any other soap!”
Life With LissyUnfortunately, I almost threw my beautiful dipeys out the window at one point in time. *GASP!* To be completely honest, they were stinking up a storm. I’m not talking about poop filled diapers in a bin, either. They were smelling of ammonia fresh from the clothes line or dryer. It was frustrating, and my precious little man was getting really dry skin from it. I tried everything. I searched the internet, and I found all sorts of tips on stripping diapers. I would wash them with dish liquid, and that did a pretty good job. I was still frustrated though because diaper stripping takes a really long time, and you have to do it fairly frequently. I wanted something quick, easy, and failure free. So, I dug a little deeper. That is when I discovered Eco Nuts. You throw these little nuts into a cotton bag (that comes with them). You throw the bag into the washer. You wash the diapers. You remove the bag from the load, and you dry the diapers. They don’t smell. They are more absorbent. Oh, and they TOTALLY ROCK!!!!! Plus, they won’t break your piggy bank.
A Mom's ImpressionWe received a trial sized box of Eco Nuts and with hesitation, I washed my clothes with them. To my surprise my entire load of laundry came out clean! For small loads of laundry without major stains to clean up, Eco Nuts is a very Eco-friendly option. You simply put the nuts into the laundry bag and toss it in the wash machine. Try it for yourself!

Keeper of the HomeI received my trial of soap nuts from The Baby Bum Store, who recently began carrying Eco Nuts for all their cloth diapering customers in particular. I tried them out this past week and they’ve actually been worked pretty hard in a short amount of time.I’ve used them in both cold and hot, regular loads, heavy blankets, and cloth diapers, all successfully. The real test happened today, with an incredibly yucky load of diapers which contained some toddler explosions. I double rinsed before I washed (even though I usually rinse only once), but was shocked and pleased to see that the diapers came out fresh smelling and clean, even though this was already the 5th wash my soap nuts had been through (and they are generally able to be reused for 5-7 washes).

Final score? Indescribably poopy diapers 0, Eco Nuts 1.

Zoe B OrganicI was very skeptical when i first received an e-mail about Eco-Nuts, but I was intrigued. I did get a free sample from Eco-Nuts to try at home. Having a daughter going through potty training, I had the perfect laundry test and I was amazed at the results. It is easy, put 4 nuts in a cloth bag (provided in the box) and let the nuts do the work… Eco-Nuts come from a tree, so they are 100% natural. And bye bye plastic detergent bottles, they come in a recycled paper box…”
Cloth Diapers Made Simple“I hardly ever use a new laundry detergent on cloth diapers or clothing first. I’m too scared of ruining garments I care about. Eco Nuts was no exception. First I tried them out on towels-they seemed to clean fine. I was still unsure about them, so I did a load of napkins, kitchen towels and bibs. I figured that these were some of the most soiled items in the house (besides diapers) and wanted to see how the Eco Nuts worked on these. I admit I didn’t have high hopes. I guess I just felt that my detergent needed to look more like…detergent. I was impressed and pleasantly surprised when the load came out with all the food removed, clean and smelling fresh…”
Luvs Jurns“Little L has really sensitive skin, just like his daddy! So it only made sense for our family to at least give these a try. I had heard and read a lot about them but just hadn’t found the time to actually order them. Then they popped up on the babyhalfoff website and I knew that it was time to order! Long story short they were amazing. I love how much easier it was to carry a few hollow nuts down to the laundry room than some huge chemically filled bottle of tide! It was so simple too, just throw a few nuts into an included muslin drawstring bag, toss it in, and you’re good to go! Little L had no reactions and the got ALL of our clothes clean! Once the nuts have been used a few times you can boil them down and use them as a liquid all natural cleaner! Mother nature never fails to amaze me!…”
Mommy of 1 and Counting“I love these little things! This was my first time trying out an Eco Nut and I have to say that I LOVE them and will be buying them in the future! Very interesting. I put them in their little baggie and washed my clothes. They came out CLEAN and smelling fresh. Granted they smelled like JUST water thought because they don’t smell, so my next load I added a BIT of softener just to smell up the clothes and it worked and they smelled good and they were still clean…”
Non-Toxic Kids“I was kindly sent a sample of Eco-Nuts, and they really are ingenious and simple. You toss the little bag of the “nuts” in with your laundry, and clothes come out clean. That’s it. No chemical smell. No phthalates, phosphates, or other chemicals…. They are also beneficial for septic and grey water systems (image the lessening of the nutrient load to surrounding waterways as well)… Thanks, Eco-Nuts for this sustainable, green product. Here’s to chemical free laundry.”
The Eco Chic“What if I told you that one option is to not use a detergent? Did you just look at your computer like it was from Mars? Did The Eco Chic just say that you can wash cloth diapers without a detergent? Stinky, smelly, nasty, stained cloth diapers? What if I told you I washed them with dried fruit shells? Now you’re really thinking that I’m NUTS aren’t you? Well I’ve began using EcoNuts to wash my cloth diapers and I love them! …”
Kid Glue“…I decided to give the Eco Nuts a challenge. The first load I use them in was my husband’s work out clothes. I wash them separately because they stink that bad. I was amazed that they removed all of the odor(some detergents can’t even do that!). I proceeded to do the rest of our laundry and they did a pretty good job. The stain lifting action is not very powerful. I have two young boys so I tend to get my share of tough stains. You would definitely need a stain remover for most of the stains you encounter. Other than that the Eco Nuts were just as good if not better than my regular Tide detergent…”
Naturalmente MamaCuando recibí mis Eco Nuts™ me moría de ganas por lavar mis pañales de tela con ellas, así que después de leer las instrucciones que vienen adjuntas, metí las cascaritas dentro de la bolsita de tela (que también viene en la cajita), la tire dentro de la lavadora junto con los pañales y la llené de agua. Lavaron todo, absolutamente todo, nada de olores raros, ni manchas de ningún tipo, pero creo que lo que más me sorprendió fue lo suave que quedaron una vez que se secaron. ¡Prueba Superada!
Dirty Diaper Laundry“…Yes, they clean diapers. I took my diapers out of the dryer and cautiously sniffed them fully expecting to detect a urine or poo odor. Nothing. There was no scent, just nothing. Nothing to me means that they worked!!! I remember after my first load of diapers were dry and clean I was pretty darn amazed. I have used them many times now and am still impressed with the way they clean. They leave no residue which is awesome, you won’t have to strip as often, if ever. I don’t think you can find a “greener” way to wash your clothes or diapers…”
Vegan Beauty Review“… I’m sure you’re skeptical – believe me, I was too. How can a satchel of dried nuts get my stinky clothes clean? Quite brilliantly. These nuts look freaky deaky, I won’t lie, but they totally work. When I washed a load using Eco Nuts, my clothes came out just as clean as with any other wash (sans the nasty chemicals, perfumes and toxins)…”
Take Time to Smell the Rose“I tested them out on all kinds of laundry. First, the cloth diapers. Clean, no smell! Secondly a few loads of towels and stinky dish cloths. Again, clean and no smell! Lastly, and the one I was most skeptical to try out on, my husbands work clothes. CLEAN, NO SMELL! I was ecstatic!”
Chemically InclinedOf course, what makes me the most happy is that I now know that I can switch over and not have to deal with crazy amounts of stains (at least no more than usual!) AND I can feel good knowing that I’m not using a detergent that is leaving chemical residue on my family’s cloths. – Michele, Chemically Inclined