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To provide a healthier cleaning option for your family and our planet through our nontoxic organic cleaners in sustainable packaging

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Tackling the Plastic Problem and Creating Opportunities

We source our materials ethically.  Our soap berries come from Nepal, where they grow in their natural state without pesticides or fertilizers. They are wild harvested once a year, and we receive the highest quality berries from the harvest. After they have been shipped to us, our berries then undergo our proprietary sorting process to assure that we are providing you with the best of the best.

Our Wool for our Dryer Balls comes from happy sheep in New Zealand who are protected by the country’s extensive laws and regulations. The sheep’s health and safety are top priorities of the farmers, because they know that well-cared-for sheep make better wool. With New Zealand’s leading shearing techniques, when the wool is removed from their sheep, it is completely painless. The wool is then sent to Nepal to be made into balls.

We employ many women and all of our employees are working in a safe, equitable environment and paid Fair Trade wages. We are pleased to have such a strong business relationship with Nepal, as it contributes to restoring their infrastructure and rebuilding after their devastating earthquake in April 2015.

Every Eco Nuts purchase reduces plastic production and creates jobs for the people of Nepal and in the US.