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I first tried the laundry soap when there was a free trial. Soon as I got the Eco nuts I started laundry. I fell in love right away. It worked great on our clothes and cloth diapers. I was so much of a fan when I had trouble with ammonia in my cloth diapers. I also tried the ammonia bouncer. I’m in love. My cloth diapers smell brand new. Thank you for such wonderful products

A.P. Huber Heights, Ohio

I have been using EcoNuts Organic Laundry Soap for 3 years. Within those years we have laundered 18mo of Cloth Diapers, 80+ miles a week of running clothes, and my professional work wear. We haven’t had any trouble with baby residue, sweat smells or fading of our clothing. I couldn’t have asked for a better or more effective product for my family. I have given bags of Eco Nuts out to many of my friends, those who try it are hooked. I would recommend this product to everyone who wants clean clothing.
Since we have been using EcoNuts Organic Laundry Soap our washing machine no longer has a soap scum smell.

D. I. Morgan Hill, CA

I have used a lot of different laundry soaps over the years. But most of them left a strange smell, never quite like it smelled sniffing the bottle, and they often barely got my clothes clean. None of them made me feel like they were actually ecologically safe to use.
Enter Eco-nuts! I love these little guys! They are easy to use, leave no smell, no residue and best of all they don’t leave any mess for the Earth to deal with once my laundry is clean.
I wish more people would realize now great they are…..I’ve tried by giving some away for stocking stuffers, etc. I’ll keep doing it and keep using them.

K.R.Casco, Maine

We have been using Eco Nuts since April and LOVE them!! Our clothes are cleaner, brighter and softer!! We will always use Eco Nuts for our laundry! Thank you for making this product easily accessible!!


I first became aware of your product from your apperance on Shark Tank. I don’t watch the show but was flipping thru looking for something to watch. I only saw a little bit about your company and thought I would look you up. Got to your web site, liked what I read and saw and ordered a sample pack. That was over 2 years ago and I have not used ‘regular’ laundry soap since. Love the product!! I have a daycare and it is wonderful for all of the baby items I was on a regular basis. Sheets, blankets food stained bibs. Everything is clean and fresh smelling without any chemicals. I have given samples to daycare parents, my friends and family. I wash the dogs bedding with the liquid and there is no more wet dog smell. Thanks for a great product that really does what it claims!

M. G.Bakersfield, CA

About one and a half years ago I decided to give making my own laundry detergent a try. I didn’t really like spending money on laundry detergent so often and thought if I could make it then that’s a simple solution. So I went out and bought the necessary supplies and made some. It was fine and I didn’t really have any complaints, not until I heard about Eco Nuts.

I saw someone post about these mysterious berries on Facebook so I looked them up. The idea of tossing some berries into the washer and calling it good, not even removing them for multiple washes, seemed a little odd but I figured, why not?! That would be even easier than making laundry detergent.

I went ahead and ordered a box of Eco Nuts and tried them out immediately. That first load of laundry made me realize what I had been missing for the past year of using homemade laundry detergent and what I missed even more compared to conventional laundry detergent. I’d never had clothing that smelled so wonderful, was so soft, or felt so fresh. It was amazing! From that point on I never made any more of the old stuff and I was happy to be using something from nature to clean our clothing. Since then I’ve been telling anyone and everyone about Eco Nuts and their mysteriously awesome powers anytime I could fit them into a conversation.

Overall- awesome product!

M.A.El Paso, TX

I tried Eco Nuts after seeing them on Shark Tank. We are very sensitive to fragrances and chemicals in this house and always choose free and clear products. Eco Nuts seemed like it would be even better than using a free and clear detergent – if it worked. I put the nuts in the little bag provided and tried my first load. I’ve been using them ever since! My clothes come as clean as they did with free and clear detergent. The towels are softer and more fluffy than they were with detergent. If I have an extra large load, I sometimes throw in two bags. They go through the wash and rinse cycle and usually go through the dryer with the clothes as well. I never use fabric softener or dryer sheets. If you don’t over dry your clothes there is no problem with static. There is no lingering smell on clothes which is very important to us. I have recommended them to other s and even shared mine so friends could try them. I would recommend them to everyone but especially if you have allergies, chemical sensitivity or just don’t like the smell of detergent this is the product to use!


I love Eco Nuts! Before I had to be careful of the laundry soaps I would buy as to not bother my allergies though I still didn’t like the chemicals that were probably still in them. I love that Eco Nuts doesn’t bother my allergies and is so environmentally friendly!! I’m so thankful that I saw them on Shark Tank and ordered a sample right away. It even cleans my boyfriends smelly socks, now you know that means its a great product! 🙂


I love Eco Nuts! I wasn’t sure they would be able to handle my husband’s work clothes. He is a sheet metal worker and sometimes comes home with a silver dust all over his clothes. Often I had to wash his clothes twice. But the  nuts are amazing! His filthy clothes come out clean and smelling so fresh. I can’t believe how much better they are than regular laundry soap. I will never buy that again! I just ordered a year supply. So happy that I found you!


EcoNuts is wonderful! I’ve used nothing but for several months now and it has done a great job on all of our laundry with no allergic reactions by either of us – and I react to almost everything! Thanks EcoNuts for a fantastic product.

H. Missouri

For the past couple of years I have been on a quest to help my family live a healthier lifestyle. I gradually moved away from harsh chemical cleaners in almost all areas of our home, but for some reason had a difficult time changing my mind about our laundry. I soon realized that I had neglected to consider that the clothes we wear against our bodies all day long should certainly be free of chemicals as well! I decided to give Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap a try, placed an order, and crossed my fingers. I truly couldn’t be happier with the result. Since making the switch to Eco Nuts, our clothes come out cleaner and softer than they ever did before (and with a 5 year old and 3 year old twins, certainly know a thing or three about messes!), and I feel good knowing this is achieved without the use of harsh chemicals. We have been using Eco Nuts for a year now, and I will never use anything else. I am incredibly thankful to have discovered such a wonderful product!

O.B.Virginia Beach, VA

Love, love, love them. I’m living in a campground, so have to go to a Laundromat to do laundry. Besides hauling the clothes I have to haul all the products to wash them. Used the Eco Nuts for the first time last week–the clothes were clean as they have ever been, no hauling bottles of stuff and I will get many, many uses out them. So glad I found these on the internet.

DBNegley, Ohio

I tried this product and was impressed. The idea of clean laundry without the harsh chemicals was what convinced me to try it. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

A.G.Little Ceder, IA

Best laundry detergent I have ever used. I love it. Works great and I feel safe using it.

S.S.Quincy, Florida

The Eco Nuts product is truly amazing! What many do not recognize, or perhaps have not yet realized, is the tremendous cleaning power in these berries. I have enumerated on them below:
* Using the berries no longer requires the use of pre-spotting or pre-soaking clothing items. Many stains such as blood and chocolate are removed on the first cleaning. What has been truly impressive are that other stains such as oils, grease, and tomato (ketchup, spaghetti sauce) will eventually disappear after multiple cleanings. This includes even after the clothes have been washed and dried.
* Eco Nuts are wonderful as a carpet cleaner. I have replaced the expensive carpet cleaning products with a 1/2 to 1 full capful of the liquid Eco Nuts in our carpet cleaning machine. I do not need to pre-treat any carpet stains (even those that have sat for a couple of days). The Eco Nuts easily removes those stains, and cleans the carpets better than any other commercial product. Again, some stains that do not remove immediately, will disappear after multiple washings.
* Perfect for those that have allergies or find the scented laundry soaps and dryer liquids or sheets unpleasant. That is one of the added benefits of your products.

I have ‘converted’ many family members and friends to use Eco Nuts. I am probably your biggest fan and never hesitate to tell those that will listen (smile) to the amazing benefits of your product.
Thank you so much for this amazing product. I only hope others try your product. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it is kind to the pocketbook as well!!

PFLebanon, Pennsylvania

My biggest concern was that Eco Nuts simply would not work….well, they do! The other product benefits are obvious -they’re the only natural, chemical-free way to clean your clothes as far as I know. I am very, very happy with this product and the price! Thank you!!


I was very skeptical about trying a non-traditional laundry product such as Eco-Nuts, but I am so glad I did. My cloth-diapered daughter has very sensitive skin and, while other cloth diapering laundry products worked ok, I still wasn’t happy with the results as the diapers seem to either need to be stripped often or weren’t entirely clean. I tried Eco-Nuts after receiving a trial order and will now be washing my entire family’s clothes – even my husband’s uniforms – with Eco-Nuts!
In addition to how clean and great our clothes smell, I love the simplicity of filling the laundry bag and tossing it in. I don’t have to worry about measuring the right amount and wondering if it’s too much or too little for the load. I love how our diapers come out clean the first time without the need for second wash. I also love how our clothes smell like clothes. There is not hint of odor after washing and even hard to treat stains like grass and chocolate have come out fairly easily.
Despite being very skeptical at the beginning, we have now happily used Eco-Nuts for almost a month of regular washing. We won’t be going back to any others any time soon.

KBLeague City, Texas

Amazing! The first think I noticed were the size of the soap nuts! Huge and healthy looking– if that makes sense. Since I have a front loading washer I worried that they would not “activate”– so I took a little bit of hot water and steeped the bag of berries– suds galore and we were in business!

WVWoburn, MA

I couldn’t believe how clean and fresh my clothes are using the eco-nuts liquid soap. I will never buy any other laundry detergent again. I have even gotten my mom and 3 others using this now.

LPWhitefield, Maine

Eco Nuts are the best! I have a little 6 month baby girl and I do not like chemicals in my house. I wash all of her clothes (and my husbands and my clothes too!) and her cloth diapers with Eco Nuts! I was so shocked at how amazing they work for dirty diapers-no smell left over at all.

JBCamano Island, WA

I was skeptical at first about trying the wool dryer balls, but like all the other Eco products I have tried they were a hit! My drying time is cut down saving me money, & the clothes are unbelievably soft.

TJSandy, OR

EcoNuts Dryer Balls – I love these guys! They are a lazy launderer’s dream. I can leave my jeans to air dry and then fluff them for 5 minutes in the dryer with ‘my little friends’ and voila – perfect, soft, wrinkle-free jeans with no energy expended – mine or my pocket book’s. Love it! I do the same with most of my clothing but dry all of the hubby’s clothes in the dryer with ‘the boys’ and he loves the results as well! No ironing needed. Nice and soft. Everybody’s happy. Thanks EcoNuts – your Dryer Balls are the best money I’ve spent in a long time!

HeatherPoplar Bluff, MO

We found one box of the Eco Nuts Dryer Balls in an outlet store and really liked the story on the box. We now are looking to buy more to give as gifts because the results are so obvious and great! We definitely were not willing to use the toxic stuff but needed an acceptable alternative. We are excited to check out some of the other products from the website.

DB PinsonAlabama

Love these things! I have to admit I’m spoiled because I like my clothes and linens to be soft. I thought harsh chemicals were the only way to get them until I found your dryer balls. It was like a prayer being answered! Now I can have my soft shirts without harming the environment. Thank you!

HK Ripley West Virginia


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I love your product. I teach exercise for a living, sometimes I change 3-4 times in one day depending on what I am teaching. I have a large wardrobe of workout wear, spandex, cotton, lycra. I use eco nuts exclusively when I was my teaching outfits., which I hang to dry to avoid shrinkage. My clothes feel so wonderful when I put them on, clean and soft. – EH


“HO-ly cow. I’ve been using EcoNuts for a couple weeks, and have noticed that my laundry is much softer. What really made me sit up and take notice, though, was when I washed my car seat covers. When I bought my car, roughly 5 years ago, I made fleece seat covers; I have dogs who love riding in the car, and I knew my nice light tan upholstery wouldn’t stay that color for long with the dog tornado always in and out of the car.

Needless to say, those covers get pretty disgusting. I know I don’t wash them anywhere near often enough, but I also know that there’s no way they’ll ever be all that clean. That is, I knew that, until I washed them with EcoNuts. Wow. These covers (at least until the dogs get back in the car) are wrap-a-burrito-and-eat-it clean. And soft. And fluffy.

For my next trick, I’ll stop using the second rinse cycle. Thanks, folks. I can’t remember ever being this tickled about laundry soap. EcoNuts are terrific!”

– MB


“My trial size order of the Eco Nuts dried berries and liquid came this morning. Even though I have some commercial detergent left, I wanted to try the order out right away. Using the liquid, I tossed a load of darks into the wash to see how well they would clean. I have hard water, so was prepared that it might not clean as well.
I was shocked to see how black the water got. Normally with detergent, the water is a milky grey, but this was a clear black. I thought maybe some of the colors in the fabrics were bleeding, so next I did a load of colors… and saw the same thing. Then onto a load of whites with the nuts in a bag.. same clear black water. All the colors seem brighter. Typically because of the hard water,I am used to the clothes looking dingy, but somehow the eco nuts brightened everything. I used nothing else but the eco nuts and water.
I love that my clothes smell like nothing. Any odors that were in the dirty clothes are gone and there’s no perfume smell either. We’ve always avoided detergents with perfumes and dyes as we have various allergies and sensitivities in the family. No bleach, no fabric softener. Everything is bright, clean, almost new looking and so soft!
I’m off to wash the bed sheets now. I can’t wait until tonight when I can climb into bed with soft, clean sheets. And the towels, yes, I need to wash the towels too. I am in heaven 😉
Thank you so much for such a fantastic product. I’m recommending you guys to everyone I know and the parents in my support group who have children with hidden disabilities (many also suffer from allergies). I am looking forward to payday so that I can place another order for full sized products!” — –CM


“I’ve done four loads already, with two of them being of the challenging type.  There is a fresh, clean small to ALL of my clothes, including those that were heavily soiled with machine grease and grime.  (I have been working with a metal lathe recently, and figured those clothes would make for an excellent test.


I just did the fourth load, which included a white dress shirt that I wore all day long yesterday.  It went through quite an ordeal, I can assure you.  I am a musician.  I had TWO gigs that day, and then crumpled the shirt up and put it in my case with all kinds of gear.  I’ve attached the photo taken after wash and dry.

This is a remarkable product!  I am convinced!”  – Gary

“I love the Econuts! So, so easy! I put 5 nuts in a bag and washed 9 loads of laundry with that one bag, all cold loads and left the bag in the washer the whole time. Clothes came awesome! Washed all bedding and couch covers too! My towels came out way more fluffy and softer than before with the Arm & Hammer free & clear, just like the picture showed of the towels! I’m hooked on Eco nuts forever! Oh and those 5 eco nuts are still good for more loads! I just left them in the wash machine for next time! –LY

“Just used the Econuts for the 1st time. I was super skeptical and decided to first try them on a load of cloth diapers. I only used 2 nuts and the diapers were SPOTLESS!! I practically had fibers up my nose trying to smell anything!” –MJ

I just have to say, I love this stuff. My son has eczema (as do my hubby and I) and ever since we made the switch to Eco Nuts, no more eczema. LOVE it!! –JG

“I really like the product. My husband washed a fleece blanket, that my dog keeps wanting to lie on, It smells really bad, with the econuts and nothing else, and it came out of the dryer soft, not static-y (i don’t know if that is a word) and no stinky dog smell.” –D. Vermont

“Am so happy to be liberated from heavy boxes of detergent when I do my laundry. I have to go down an elevator and across a long lobby of my apartment house to get to the communal laundry room. The econuts, not only wash my laundry clean and bright, but they have proven economical. They are also ecologically safe and in today’s world, that is very important. A happy consumer.”
– R. New York

“I’ve been using EcoNuts for my laundry for about a month now–and that includes the really stinky loads I did after the heat wave hit. They work great, and are very easy to use and carry. I have terrible eczema, but the EcoNuts really do seem to wash out clean, leaving nothing behind to make me itch. The best part, though, is not having to lug a bottle of detergent between my apartment and the laundry room–and not having to measure and pour for every load.” –F. Oregon


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