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    What we care about

    Your Family

    Like you, we want the best for our families. That’s why we strive to use safe ingredients.

    Our Planet

    A commitment to sustainability, from contents to container.

    Giving Hope

    Creating jobs and opportunities
    for the people of Nepal.

    Laundry with Berries

    What in the What?! These berries from the Himalayas pack a cleaning punch
    but are gentle on clothes and skin which is why we use them in all our formulas.
    You can put them directly in your washing machine for laundry use or use for your own DIY cleaning recipes.
    Not your thing? We got you covered with good ol’ regular liquid and powder detergent, too.


    Clean Up With Bamboo 

    Save trees and $$$ with our bamboo towels. They feel like a thick paper towel but are both softer and much stronger so they can be washed and re-used many times. Power through tough messes around your home, garage or shop: anywhere you would need a paper towel or thin rag.



    Dryer sheets are old news! Our Wool Dryer Balls soften clothes without the chemicals.



    Check out our resource center to learn more about soap nuts, laundry science,
    how to remove different types of stains and static cling.

    We also have quite a few DIY articles including cleaning recipes and more.